Why do I even put up these walls? I swear I build walls so high that I can’t even get over them myself.


I hide, I cower, I create distractions to reflect from the thruths in my life. I attach myself to moments knowing fully they are simply that, momentary. Its like every few weeks I get the courage to explode things I’ve bottled up and write them down. Its as if its some type of therapy thinking if I share here it still counts as being a human who knows how to communicate. I just think I underestimated how difficult it really is to be an honest, true human being all my life. The idea of love still blows my mind each time I try to make sense of it. Or is the trick to stop trying to make any sense of it at all? 


Today I have decided I need to begin to break walls down and share who I am and how I feel more than a half a dozen times a year. To dig deeper in hopes of identifying with myself and finding common feelings or thoughts with those I share with. 


Today I begin a new chapter.